Getting Untwisted with Fishing Swivels

When looking for tablet weaving supplies, one might not think that one would wander through the fishing aisles at the hardware store, but this is where you can absolutely find something very useful for your tablet weaving kit.

Size 3 brass fishing barrel swivels; 6 for $1.49

Fishing Swivels!

These are size 3 brass fishing barrel swivels that I purchased at the local Fred Meyer (one of those one-stop-shopping kinds of places that has everything from school supplies to sockeye salmon; food, housewares, office supplies, and more). There were six swivels for $1.49.

To attach them to your weaving, tie the strings for each card on the two ends of the swivel (be sure to use square knots!). Then, as the threads get over-twisted, you can chase those twists to the swivel and it will untwist.

Things to keep in mind–you will need to trim the loose ends shorter to prevent them tangling on neighboring cards, and it’s good to keep them offset from the rest of the knots, again, to prevent tangling.

I hope this is helpful to you and your continued weaving success!

2 thoughts on “Getting Untwisted with Fishing Swivels”

  1. Hi,

    I noticed that your draft in your previous post (which is a really lovely way to convert that motif from brocade to diagonals, btw) looks like a screencap rather than an exported image. We had a bug which messed with exporting images from TDD in Chrome for a little while (long story short: Firefox and the code it needed to work threw off things for other browsers), but it should be fixed now. Please let me know if you’d ever like a hand with anything TDD-related. Getting to geek out over tablet weaving always makes me a happy little weaver.

    C xx

  2. I recently found your YouTube videos after I spent my Christmas money on an Inkle Loom. You are pretty much, singlehandedly teaching me card weaving from afar! Thank you so much for your Videos! I’m multicraftual (Crochet, knit, weave, spin, quilt, etc) and I’m about to embark on a double knee replacement and wanted to bring a loom with me while in rehab learning to walk again.
    So, thank you again for teaching me and helping to save my sanity when I can finally get this done (hopefully late Spring or Early Summer, Covid go away!)
    I love that you provide the history of the pattern you are weaving as well. I’m a history nerd.

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