4 thoughts on “Weave Along with Elewys, Ep. 13: Oseberg 21”

  1. Greetings – and thank you yet again!
    I am trying to understand the patters and having a dickens of a time (catches me by surprise since I’m a software developer, which is ALL about pattern recognition – must be age!).

    I suspect this exists somewhere in your videos and/or site, but darned if I can find it – so here goes.

    I understand the S/Z for card threading, and if I understand that in the pattern the white background is turn forward and the dard backwards, but why would I see a difference in the angle on threads in the pattern. E.G. row 1 column 3 has the angle to TopRight, whereas in row 2 it is to TopLeft, is that simply because it is now turning forward instead of back, and that impacts the angle ?
    Again, thank you!

    1. I wish I knew how to answer that… I think it has to do with the twisting and untwisting of the threads as you turn the cards.

  2. Thank you so much!! Love your weaving and making patterns available to all of us. I have a question, skip hole is not in my range (yet), can the pattern you did for your daughter be converted to a non skip hole format? I have spent many happy hours following along with you. Thanks again for leading us into this amazing skill.

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