Spring Posting

(Originally posted on the old-old blog on 22 April 2015; edited for current relevance)

The Easter-to-June part of the year is always supremely hectic with Tourney Season ramping up and the school year winding down.  A few things I’ve done in that time…

I bought a spinning wheel, a Lendrum single treadle, and finally started in ernest to wash the fleece given to me by HL Godith from her flock.  It was shorn several years ago and I have been happily turning fluffy stuff into yarn over the past few weeks.

The last spool of white is not pictured…it was on the wheel.  I unspooled the pink, got it wet, and am blocking it now (by hanging a 20 oz. bottle of Gatorade on it), so I can start spinning spool #7.  After that, I’ll have to skein up the spools so I can spin some more.  All this spun yarn is destined to become a piece of cloth to be made into a garment–my first sheep-to-shawl project (not that it’ll be a shawl, but some wearable garment, probably an overtunic.

For the Perfectly Period Feast in An Tir, I made this ensemble (left) for the 1470s era Italian Renaissance Feast.  Pictured with me is my bestie, Aenor, who was running as my Sister-Baroness for our Barony.  We wouldn’t have been the first girl-girl pairing, but the first in our Kingdom.  Not only was this an exciting prospect for us, but for Inspirational Equality.  Not that we’re in that kind of relationship–we are both very happily involved with our respective men (who, I swear, must have been separated at birth!).  Unfortunately, the vote did not go in our favor and we are currently focused on our arts and service to the Kingdom.

Exciting times!