Weave Along 27: Roger II of Sicily

Here’s the pattern for the 12th century tablet woven piece found on the coronation cloak of Roger II of Sicily.

The original was a brocaded piece, and this is an interpretation of that pattern in a threaded-in style.

I added two cards on each side to create a border, which I would recommend, but I forgot to add it to the turning sequence.

Pattern and turning sequence without the border cards

I borrowed heavily from the pattern created by Sylvia Dominguez, though her pattern has an additional motif which is not included in the cloak, as far as I can tell.

EDIT!! I was asked about making a twist-neutral pattern, and here it is! You can repeat 1-40 until the center cards are over-twisted, then weave 41-80 until it is over-twisted in the other direction. Enjoy! –E