Weave Along with Elewys, Ep 17: Elisenhof E-417

This is a piece that is not as well known in the tablet weaving community and information is a little thin on the ground (at least in English). However, we do have this lovely image:

We also have a couple of experts who have put in their two cents on it: Egon Hansen in his book Tablet Weaving (pub 1990 Hovedland Press; ISBN 978-8777390470), and Hans-J├╝rgen Hundt, who wrote about it in a series of studies on the Coastal Archaeology of Schleswig-Holstein. Hansen suggested it was a 3-1 twill woven in wool and linen, whereas Hundt thought it was a single-color skip hole weave that gave it its texture. Other tablet weavers have tested out these theories and while the jury is still out, I am using a modified version of Hansen’s pattern using two colors.

Guido Gehlhaar from http://www.steinmaus.de/Mittelalter/weben/hansen/elisenhof.html provided a corrected version of the pattern, however it appeared to have a 14 pick repeat. I revised it to a 16 pick repeat here:

This is actually a modified pattern from what I used in the video–adjusting the threading pattern and putting pick #16 in the pick #1 position. It turns out exactly the same.

Edit, 7/5/2021: I was finally able to tinker with the pattern and created a method to reverse the pattern to untwist almost seamlessly. Weavers can just do picks 1-16 until the twist is unmanageable, then weave 17-32 until it is over-twisted in the other direction, then begin at 1-16 again. Alternatively, one could just weave 1-32 and repeat.

And this is the next installment in the Laurel Kingdom Project!  The Kingdom of Artemisia was formed in AS XXIII (1997), the 14th Kingdom of the SCA. It currently covers Utah, Montana, southern Idaho and the parts of Colorado and Wyoming that are west of the Continental Divide.  Their colors are black and yellow. 

Special thanks to Aisling, a German tablet weaver, who gave me some jumping off points for research and provided her own theories about the construction of this piece.

2 thoughts on “Weave Along with Elewys, Ep 17: Elisenhof E-417”

  1. Congregation on your year of U Tube. Your a great teacher and I’ve learned so much from you not just in Card Weaving but in the History too. Thanks So Much. Keep Teaching
    Happy Weaving

  2. Have to let you know a couple of things I’ve just learnt from my weaving adventure.
    I was sewing a band onto some clothing when I realised it was about 12-15 inches short. Easy, I thought, I’ll just warp up a short loop and weave the length required.
    1. It’s not as easy to ‘beat’ when the warp is just a loop and not backward/forwards around the pegs as normal. It kept wanting to move around the pegs. I’ve been trying to use the ‘wiggle’ that I’ve watched you use instead of just ‘hitting’ the threads and that helped.
    2. The new piece was more competently woven than the original. Yay! Proof I’m improving a little bit with practice.
    If only the boarders would open up and you could come Down Under to teach!

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